Column and arc restoration works starting from the substitution of damaged pieces or the tonality of the arcs and columns. Work executed in a totally artisanal way.
Luxurious architectural project. Work done for Mateu Ripoll Constructions. The exterior of this splendid housing can be distinguished by the applied stone on the façade, that highlights its arches, columns and claddings made with Santanyi stone.
Traditional architectural project. It highlights the use of Galdent Stone in the balconies, façade corners and window frames. Indoors several types of natural stone are used for the columns, counters, tiles and shower revetments reflecting the architect’s excellent taste and the preference for unique materials.
The material used for this project is Santanyi sandstone for the arches, chimney and exterior borders. The pavements were made with Bush-hammered and aged Balearic Grey the edges of which were broken in a handcrafted manner.
Having unsurpassable views and being minutes from Palma de Mallorca’s center this residential project is raised counting on top-quality natural materials, both for its cladding and for its interiors and exterior pavement.