MARWORLD is one of the luxury brands of the marble and stone elaboration sector in Mallorca.

The combination of the new technologies with the traditional work methods make us leaders in the artistry of transforming the different materials that we work with.
In MARWORLD we have been able to adapt efficiently to the new decorative proposals of the market. Our work helps our customers and partners combine the value of design with the charm of the artistry.
The close collaboration that we maintain with the best architectural bureaus, interior designers and leading companies has allowed us to successfully launch the expansion into new sectors and the luxury market in other geographical areas.


When finishing our work, the delivered product has a feature, it’s UNIQUE, either because we have crafted it especially for our customer, tailored for their needs, or because being a natural product it will never replicate its tonality, print or streak, not even in the same marble quarry or block. THAT’S THE CHARM OF NATURAL PRODUCTS.



MARWORLD emerges as a result of the experience acquired from the more than 70 years of conducted projects during the experience of our company. We are the derived product of the transformation during the elapsed time, the correction of mistakes and consolidation of successes.

In the course of these 70 years, our company has been able to adapt to the current times, maintaining at every moment its vocation of leadership in the sector from a premise, to satisfy the always growing needs of our customers.

Today we move forward to a sustainable business model by doing investments that will protect even more the environment and that is focused on prioritizing the people, who are our main asset.